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Stand & Be Counted was founded in June of 1999 by Apostle Dr. Anthony L. Shannon and Prophetess Dr. Jeri Shannon. Apostle and Prophetess Shannon began their journey with a broadcast radio program on KTYM weekly for eight years. The success of their radio ministry show throughout Los Angeles broadcast the good news of Jesus Christ and quickened many to phone in for prayer bringing many to salvation and deliverance.


After a couple of years and the success of their radio program, they began a public TV show titled “Stand & Be Counted” hosting and interviewing guests. The goal of the TV show was to speak to the public with some emphasis in the program on the Word of God. This integral goal was to ensure our TV program was God-based and gave way to hosting a LIVE show on a public network with ample response from the audience. Viewers from all over Los Angeles tuned in, called in, and loved the immediate response from the hosts.


Not soon after the success of their radio program and TV show the Lord spoke and gave direction to them to start their ministry as pastors and in May of 2003 they launched Stand & Be Counted Worship Center. Divine instruction gave way to obedience to the Lord. Along with family and six other members the cornerstone of the ministry began. The first season of ministry was held at the Radisson Hotel in the City of El Segundo, CA for one year. After much commitment and perseverance to the ministry the Lord opened another window of opportunity for the church to establish in a permanent location for another season.


Once Stand & Be Counted Worship Center found their way and planted their foundation, Shortly thereafter God began to send the people to fellowship and commune on one accord expressing their love for Jesus Christ. Since the move Apostle Dr. Anthony L. Shannon and Prophetess Dr. Jeri Shannon have reached out and help others with their giving and love.

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